About Lab Testing 4U

Lab Testing 4 U was created to provide a convenient way an individual can access a certified laboratory collection facility for personal health and wellness reasons without making an appointment to see a physician. It is our objective to provide laboratory testing services at a reasonable cost. Secondly, that the lab testing is readily available and thirdly, that the lab testing is convenient and suited to the needs of the individual and their personal physician.

Our staff is certified and trained to provide the lab testing collection procedures necessary and  the lab testing you require and deserve or your health care provider has requested.


Lab Testing 4 U also offers these services directly to physicians and their patients.   Our laboratory testing costs are generally lower than that of the laboratory used by the physician because of our volume of testing. In many cases the physicians’ office does not offer laboratory testing or is limited in their staff and refer the patient to a local laboratory to have lab testing drawn. We catered to those patients that do not have insurance. Our fees are generally 20 to 30% less than if they went directly to the laboratory with a physician's prescription.


This website offers several areas that an individual or physician's office or group can choose. These include individual tests or a variety of panels.  Example: A basic wellness panel, STD’s, pre-surgical testing as well as various comprehensive lab testing availability.


If there is a specific lab test that is not listed or if an individual or physician consistently orders a group of specific tests, we will put together a profile to suit their specific needs.


Please not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions, either by phone or by e-mail.


Phone 305-635-1445
E-mail labtesting4U@aol.com